Grade 7 Fundraising

2019 trip cancelled, we will hope for the best this coming June...



Anticipated Costs:  (June 2019)

  • Bus:  $430
  • Educational Programing:  $45
  • Waterslides:  $300
  • Supper & ice cream $300
  • Total:  $1075

Fundraising Results:

  • Wrapping Paper: $730
  • Chocolate Sales: $240

Grade 7 Students will be required to fundraise approximately $1000 this year to cover busing & program expenses for our June field trip.

Bus costs are $1.00 per kilometre.

Each student will have to raise approximately $70 of profit.  

Students who choose not to participate in our classroom fundraising activities

throughout the year will have to pay for their trip in June or forfeit the fun filled day.

This unfortunate classroom policy has had to be initiated due to the lack of effort from a large group of students who have tended to ride on the coat-tails of some of their harder fundraising peers.

Grade 7 Classroom fundraisers may include:

  • Selling Wrapping paper:  approximately 45% of sales  (Late September)
  • Chocolate Sales
  • Possible Lunch fundraiser: 100% after costs