Grade 9 ICT

Please sign in to CLASSROOM for all assignments & their deadlines.


If working at school you may complete assignments on any Microsoft Office documents; ie Word, Excel PowerPoint, Publisher.

Most assignments can be done from home.  Word & Excel may require you to take home the instructional booklets.

If working from home you may use Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets.  No replacement for Publisher on Google Classroom.

You will be marked based on creativity & effort as well as assignment punctuality.  

Please watch your deadlines.

Remember that most ICT assignments can be worked on and submitted for home if the allotted class time was insufficient.


Honour yourself, your classmates, your teachers -
Own your words and actions -  
Come prepared - Work to your best ability -
Complete and hand in all assignments on time

  • Course work 70%
  • Final Project(s) 30%
  • -20% if submitted late and/or if I have already returned the assignment to your classmates.
  • September - January, & February - June, are each 0.5 of a credit, for a total of 1 possible credit for the year.