Deloraine Ski Club

2021 Season TBD. 

If border remains closed, we may look at taking a few trips regionally to Minnedosa Ski Valley & LaRiviere (Holiday Mountain)

Asessippi tentatively booked for Thursday, March 18, 2021


Helmets are MANDITORY!

We are anticipating attending Bottineau Winter Park on the following dates for 2021:  TBD

  • Jan.
  • Feb. 
  • Mar. 

Anticipated Asessippi Day: Thursday, March 18th, 2021

Transportation Fee:  $5.00

  • Club members please pay for the season ($55.00). You may be re-embersed at the end of the season for evenings that you did not attend.
  • Casual skiers $5.00 Payable to Mrs. Mills, by nine a.m. Thursday
  • It is advisable to pay for canteen purchases with American money, as their exchange rate is not always fair. Dec 2018 45% exchange
  • Ski rentals and lift tickets should be purchased at par with Canadian funds.

For those without a pass & equipment:

AT PAR Thursday & Friday Evening 2019 Rates:  

Lift Ticket Costs CND$

Ski Rental  & Helmet CND$

Snowboard & Helmet CND$

Child $18 CND

Child $20 CND 

Child   $20 CND 

Youth $25 CND 

Youth $20 CND

Youth  $20 CND 


Printable Ski Club permission forms 2020: Ski Forms Deloraine Jan 2019 letter size.doc



Asessippi Forms 2020  due  WEDNESDAY, March 4th , 2020  DUE March 6 Permission form 2019.pdf