Deloraine/Hartney Colts Boys Baseball

Hello Parents,

The following is a guideline of the baseball year to come. This way you know what to expect as the year progresses. There is also a league website where you can find more in depth league statistics and standings at

Player Guidelines

  1. We only have two main rules; be on time and hustle.

    • All players are to be at practice on time, dressed and ready to practice at the designated time. Players are expected to be at games one hour before the game, when possible. This will be difficult on Wednesday night games depending where we are traveling.

    • If a player will be late or absent from a game please call, text or email Mr. Artz ahead of time. Do not send a message with another player. Contact information is as it the bottom of the page.

  2. I have talked to the players already about the upcoming season and have stressed that this is a varsity sport. We all need to know going into the season, that playing time will not be divided evenly among players and will depend on game situation. The coaching staff will have the best interests of the team in mind when making team decisions. This is a short season, but will require dedication.

    • Players need to discuss their role on the team with their parents and together decide if this is something that they want to participate in.

  3. If you do have a problem I would ask that you wait at least 24hours before contacting me privately, in person or by phone. Absolutely no emails!!!

  4. The use of Alcohol, Tobacco, or any other illegal substances will NOT be tolerated during any team function. This includes practices, games, trips, etc. This also includes the parking lot, or any other venue relating to our Baseball program.

  5. You each have responsibilities to fulfill at school. If there are any shortfalls in effort, homework, behavior, attendance, etc…, action will be taken in the form of a suspension. Any school suspension will be matched with a baseball suspension.

  6. Fees (Please pay Mr. Artz) Cheques will be made out to Deloraine Hartney Devils
    The player fee this year is: $75
    *Colts hats: $25

Remember, as a Deloraine/Hartney Colt, you represent your school and your community. Individual actions/behavior (on or off the diamond) affect everyone involved in the program. Treat yourselves, your teammates, and the organization with pride.

Paul Artz Brad Vandenberghe Cory Skelton

747-4385 747-4118 761-5250